Training Manager – Westgate Health Care – £35,000 to £47,000 + benefits +  car


Some of those that can do, teach

Some Training Managers are Training Managers because they couldn’t actually do the thing they train very well themselves.

That’s not you, though.

You’ve earned your stripes;you’ve got your nursing qualifications.

And now, you’re either training others, or you’re looking to get into it.


Westgate are looking for a Training Manager like you

Westgate are a group of care homes that genuinely – genuinely, mind – value their staff.

But more about them later. This is about you.

You’ll be working with their already established training function. One of their homes is essentially a training home.

You’ll get a chance to put your own spin on things, using your own experience, rewriting things if you need to.

You’ll work with home managers, even when they have other things going on, getting out into the homes rather than sitting cooped up in a room somewhere.

It’s a project where, if you do well, you’ll be the one making a good thing better.

Why should this interest you?


Here’s why

Like it says, Westgate value their staff.

So much so, that we want each and every employee to work with you on a personal training plan.

Yes our training smashes all mandatory levels already but that is not good enough for us


But look, this is an advert.

Don’t take our word for it.

Find out for yourself.

Call Danny at PHC on 07854104648

Or email

Have a no-commitment chat about it.

Maybe this isn’t the job you’ve always wanted. Maybe it is.

You won’t know unless you get in touch.

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